The horizontal seismograms are rotated to the great circle path. The channel codes are changed to end in R for radial or T for transverse, so BHN and BHE would become BHR and BHT. Because the seismograms to be rotated must be aligned and corresponding in number, this applies a collapseOverlaps to remove duplications, applies a merge to join adjacent segments and a vectorTrim to align all of the seismograms in the vector and remove time windows that does not exist for all three components.



This consists of


<radialOrientationCode>Any text</radialOrientationCode> optional
<transverseOrientationCode>Any text</transverseOrientationCode> optional
<ninetyDegreeTol>float</ninetyDegreeTol> optional

Places this can be found

In waveformVectorProcess there is a choice between all of the following