Command Line Tools

The SOD Command Line Toolkit (CLT) is the missing link for busy seismologists who need quick answers from seismic data centers. The CLT replaces awkward web interfaces and/or complicated formatted request systems with simple utilities driven by Unix/GMT style option flags. CLT utilities can be used on their own or piped together for more advanced queries. Output can be in the form of GMT- ready files of station or event info, seismograms in SAC or MSEED, and instrument responses in polezero or resp formats. In addition, you can save your specific queries in SOD recipe files for future reuse or inclusion in direct SOD data requests.

The tools cover much of SOD's functionality: finding earthquakes, seismic networks, stations and seismograms. To see examples of the tools in action performing these tasks, check out the usage document. For a detailed listing of each of the tools and its option, check out its individual man page: find_channels, find_events, find_responses, find_seismograms or find_stations, .