Runs a vector request subsetter script via JSR223. The event is put as "event" and the channel as "channel". The channel and event objects are a VelocityChannel and VelocityEvent, respectively, the same classes used in the templates for the printlineChannelProcess. The request is put as "request" as a two dimensional array of RequestFilter objects. See the scripting tutorial for more information on inlining scripts into a SOD recipe.


<vectorRequestScript type="jython">
    from edu.iris.Fissures.model import MicroSecondDate, UnitImpl
    for rfarray in request:
        for rf in rfarray:
           width = rf.end.subtract(rf.begin)
           if width.getValue(UnitImpl.SECOND) < 500:
               result ="only "+width.getValue(UnitImpl.SECOND)+" seconds")
               result = True

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