Runs a eventStation subsetter script via JSR223. The event is put as "event" and the station as "station". The station and event objects are a VelocityStation and VelocityEvent, respectively, the same classes used in the templates for the printlineChannelProcess. See the scripting tutorial for more information on inlining scripts into a SOD recipe.


<eventStationScript type="jython">
        from import SphericalCoords, SeismicPhase
        from edu.iris.Fissures import Location
        from edu.iris.Fissures.model import BoxAreaImpl
        from import AreaUtil
        minLatitude = 0;
        maxLatitude = 40;
        minLongitude = 100;
        maxLongitude = 160;
        result = False
        box = BoxAreaImpl(minLatitude, maxLatitude, minLongitude, maxLongitude)
        PP = SeismicPhase('PP','iasp91',event.getPreferred().getLocation().depth.value)
        dist = SphericalCoords.distance(event.getPreferred().getLocation().latitude, event.getPreferred().getLocation().longitude, station.getFloatLatitude(), station.getFloatLongitude())
        arrival = PP.getEarliestArrival(dist)
        if arrival != None:
           piercePoints = arrival.getPierce()
           for timeDist in piercePoints:
              if timeDist.getDistDeg() != 0 and timeDist.getDepth() == 0:
                 azimuth = SphericalCoords.azimuth(event.getPreferred().getLocation().latitude, event.getPreferred().getLocation().longitude, station.getFloatLatitude(), station.getFloatLongitude())
                 bounceLat = SphericalCoords.latFor(station.getFloatLatitude(), station.getFloatLongitude(), timeDist.getDistDeg(), azimuth)
                 bounceLon = SphericalCoords.lonFor(station.getFloatLatitude(), station.getFloatLongitude(), timeDist.getDistDeg(), azimuth)
                 result = AreaUtil.inArea(box, bounceLat, bounceLon)

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