Old News

22 September 2005

SOD 2.1.1 has been released. 2.1 would insist there was an update to SOD even though nothing had been released. If you're bothered by this message, go to our download page to get the new version. Nothing besides the update checking has changed.

9 August 2005

SOD 2.1 is out! Since the 2.0 release, we've substantially improved SOD's speed and reliability. We've also added several new processors and subsetters. We recommend all users upgrade from 2.0 as several bugs have been fixed. Go to our download page to get the new version.

11 October 2004

SOD 2.0 is released! You can get it now from our download page . Nothing has changed since RC1, so feel free to continue using it.

29 September 2004

We've just put the first release candidate for Sod 2.0 up on the site! You can download it here . If we haven't found any problems with it by this time next week, it'll become SOD 2.0. In between this version and beta 8 we've added an ETOPO layer to the maps, substantially fleshed out the strategy docs, fixed numerous bugs, and added error handling for common misconfigurations. Enjoy!

11 August 2004

The zip download from Sod 2.0 beta 8 had an error on extraction. The tar was not affected and a new zip file is available in the download section.

29 July 2004

Sod 2.0 beta 8 is out the door. You can download it here . We're getting pretty close to the actual release of 2.0. This release adds connection stability enhancements for the event and seismogram servers like the ones added for the network server in the previous beta. It also marks the debut of the ingredient reference . There will be some major tweaking to the format and content of these files, but you can now use them as your one stop shop for information on the contents of SOD strategy files.

9 July 2004

We're releasing another beta along the road to Sod 2.0 today. It's available here . This one adds a new processor and a new subsetter in additional to the usual bug fixes.

15 June 2004

SOD 2.0 Beta 6 has been released. It fixes some minor bugs in the scripts on Solaris and editor behaviour. As always, it's available here.

10 June 2004

SOD 2.0 Beta 5 is now available. Get it here.

09 June 2004

SOD 2.0 Beta 4 is now available. You can get it here.

31 May 2004

The third beta of SOD 2.0. It's available here. To see a long running SOD run in action, checkout the live SOD-cam !

24 May 2004

We've released a second beta of SOD 2.0. You can get it here. Tune in next week for another exciting beta release!

13 May 2004

The first beta of SOD 2.0 is available here. More beta releases should follow in the coming weeks.