find_stations produces a recipe containing a networkArm.


-v/--version Print SOD's version and exit
-r/--recipe Print the created recipe to stdout instead of running it
-h/--help Print a brief help message and exit
-p/--props <props> Add an additional props file to specify a different nameserver, database or other internal SOD options
-S/--server <server> Set the network server to use for this search
-R/--box-area <box> Limit the stations to those in a box region. It's specified as west/east/south/north where west and east are longitudes from -180 to 180 and north and south are latitudes from -90 to 90
-d/--donut <donut> Limits the stations to those in a donut region. It's specified as centerLat/centerLon/minRadiusDegrees/maxRadiusDegrees. As with --box-area, latitude goes from -90 to 90 and longitude goes from -180 to 180
-s/--stations s1,s2,...,sN The codes of stations to retrieve like ANMO or KONO. If unspecified, all stations for retrieved networks will be retrieved
-n/--networks n1,n2,...,nN The codes of networks to retrieve like IU or GT. If unspecified, all networks will be retrieved
-o/--output <output> The format for output. Can be none, xy, yx or a Velocity template as described in the printline ingredient xy