At this point in the waveform arm, data has been retrieved. Therefore, these items all work on the received data. Some of them like rMean and rTrend perform manipulations on the data. Others like sacWriter and seismogramImageProcess write out information based on the data. Some like fullDataCoverage and phaseSignalToNoise subset the items based on the data's properties. If several items are used, the data from each step feeds into the next. So if a seismogramImageProcessor follows a phaseCut the image drawn will be of the data after the cut. If you don't want a processor's work to effect later steps use the forkProcess to isolate it.



This consists of

Places this can be found

ANDWaveformProcessWrapper contains this directly

ORWaveformProcessWrapper contains this directly

forkProcess contains this directly

invertFlippedChannels contains this directly

waveformArm contains this directly

In waveformVectorProcess there is a choice between all of the following