If a SOD run is stopped while running, the event channel groups it's working on are left in an indeterminate state in the database. SOD knows it started working on them, but it doesn't know how far it progressed when SOD died. This property tells SOD how to deal with these indeterminate items. If "atLeastOnce" is used, SOD will take the indeterminate items, set them to new, and process them. This means that no matter what happens to a SOD run, the items will get processed through the entire set of waveform arm processors. It also might mean that some processors get run a second time on the items, so if a processor expects to see everything only once, use the second value, "atMostOnce". This tells SOD to switch all of the indeterminate items over to the failed state and ignore them from now on. "noCheck" tells SOD to ignore all suspened pairs and just do new items. SOD defaults to atLeastOnce



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