Seisplotjs Examples

These are larger examples of web applications using seisplotjs.

  • SCSN Helicorder

    See it live in helicorder/index.html.

    This is the public helicorder for the South Carolina Seismic Network. It is similar to the helicorder in the tutorial, but includes the selection of the time window and station to display. It also uses the mseedarchive module to directly load one hour miniseed records saved by the ringserver for the CO network. The South Carolina archiving system also includes a process that saves the minimum and maximum values for each second as a 2 sample per second data stream. This derived channel effectively allows the helicorder to plot the 100 samples per second HHZ data streams without being overwhelmed by the data volume.

  • View Obspy Webserver

    See it live in viewobspy/index.html.

    This allows seisplotjs in a web browser to be the seismogram display for obspy. A python http server is enabled to serve a stream, ie list of seismograms, to a browser. Load, process, share, then refresh.