SeisFile is a library for reading and writing seismic file formats in java. Currently support exists for SAC, MiniSEED, QuakeML and StationXML with limited support for full SEED. Support for the FDSN Station, Event and DataSelect web services, IRIS DataLink and and Geofon SeedLink protocols are also included. These are low level routines that provide basic connection to the services and basic parsing of the file formats into objects that closely mirror those formats. Hence they are intended to be used as a library rather than an application. The example clients, although functional, mainly serve as an example of how to connect to these services. Full SEED support was also not intended. However there are cases of almost miniseed, such as one or two control records before the data records. SeisFile is intended to be small and focused.

The developer page for seisFile is now hosted at

SeisFile is released under the LGNU Public License, v3 or later.

Example Apps

There are several example applications included, showing how to use seisFile in different ways. The documentation for these clients is available at


The distribution can be downloaded here: Source is included and a precompiled jar file will be in the lib subdirectory.

SeisFile is available from mavenCentral for use in other projects via gradle or maven.

If you have any comments, please email us.

SeisFile is a product of the University of South Carolina.