Active Projects

  • The South Carolina Seismic Network

    The South Carolina Seismic Network monitors earthquakes throughout South Carolina.

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  • Recent Projects

  • SNEP: Sierra Nevada EarthScope Project

    A major deployment of digital seismograph systems from the EarthScope/USArray Flexible Array instrument pool to investigate the foundering of continental lithosphere beneath the Sierra Nevada range in Eastern California.

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  • Receiver Reference Models: A Prototype for automated production of EarthScope/USArray data products

    Automated estimation of bulk crustal properties for USArray

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  • ScienceQuest

    An after school informal science and technology program geared towards middle school students (ages 10 -14).

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  • Project GEE: Enhancing education via seismology

    Delivery of near real-time earthquake data to the education community!

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  • The Lithospheric Structure of the Indian Subcontinent

    A continental-scale transect of the Indian subcontinent to test models of Precambrian lithospheric evolution.

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  • RUSH: Reflections Under the Scottish Highlands

    A study of the structure and evolution of the continental mantle lithosphere in Northern Scotland.

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  • Future Projects

  • Balancing Budgets: Integrated Broadband Seismology and Shortening Estimation in the Fuegian Andes

    An integrated experiment that combines broadband seismological analysis and structural, stratigraphic, and low-termperature thermochronometry to place new constraints on both the crustal thickening and crustal shortening in the Fuegian Andes.

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