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Monticello in 1996

Earthquakes in 1996 near Monticello Reservoir

Fifty-three locatable earthquakes occurred near Monticello Reservoir during 1996. Of these four events (on January 26, July 30, August 9, and October 7, 1996) were probably associated with blasting activity near Blair Quarry (34.45 N, 81.4 W), one event on March 20, 1996 was poorly located and lies to the NW of Monticello Reservoir, near Newberry. Of the remaining forty-eight events, twenty-five occurred in the last two weeks of December 1996. Most of the events were located within the reservoir, between stations MR10 and MR01. Two events occurred near the V.C. Summer Nuclear Station. All except two events were at depths of 3 km or shallower. Of the two deeper events, one event on December 17, 1996 was poorly located. The deepest, well located event (Z=5.6 km) occurred on June 30, 1996 and had a magnitude of -0.8. The monthly distribution of the earthquakes around Monticello Reservoir is given in the following graph:

Number of Earthquakes near Monticello in1996


Station Listings and Detailed Map of Monticello Reservoir

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