Warning: This page is no longer maintained and is preserved for historical purposes.

Stations of the "MPSSZ"

StationLatitude NLongitude W Elevation Meters
COW33 22.9080 41.9660
CSB32 59.1680 04.24-82.30
CSU32 59.1680 04.247
DRC33 06.4580 23.3020
HBF32 56.8580 19.96-88.70
MGS32 53.8780 08.469
RGR32 54.4580 11.65-61
SVS32 58.1080 14.893
TWB33 06.8880 06.189
WAS32 50.8180 16.309

The Middleton Place/Summerville Seismic Zone is the most active area of tectonic seismicity in South Carolina. Annual totals average 12 to 15 events of magnitude 1.0Ml or greater with twice that number of quakes less than 1.0, many too small to be located accurately. Research continues on the mechanisms at work in the Charleston area. One active fault has already been established along the Ashley River(Ashley River Fault)and recent work supports the concept of another fault running near parallel to the coastline from SW of Charleston to the NE towards Lake Moultrie (Woodstock Fault).


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