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Welcome to the University of South Carolina Seismology World Wide Web site! We hope to accomplish three goals via this site. We know we are far from attaining each of these goals, but we will be slowing working our way toward them.

First, inform outside "surfers" about our undergraduate and graduate teaching and research programs in the study of Earthquakes, Lithospheric Processes, and the Internal Structure of the Earth.

Second, to direct you to other WWW sites that may contain further information about these subjects.

Third, to provide an efficient mechanism to inform our own students and faculty of activities within our program and about resources available to them on our computer network, called SeisNet.

Most links found within will take you around our pages or away from our site to other, hopefully helpful, WWW pages elsewhere on the Internet. But, occasionally these point to "Internal Use Only" HTML files that are only accessible from computers on SeisNet. We will try to make these internal links obvious, but if you try link to these files from a non-SeisNet computer, then a gentle, but firm, warning message will pop up. To avoid potential emotional trauma associated with such an experience, we have marked unavailable or "Internal Use Only" links with a .

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