Philip Crotwell

My primary interests are in creating software for seismology, both by seismologists within their research and by students and teachers in educational settings. Projects that I have been involved in include The EarthScope Automated Receiver Survey, The TauP Toolkit, The Global Earthquake Explorer, The Rapid Earthquake Viewer, and SOD as well as being involved from the near beginning with the IRIS FISSURES/DHI efforts.

I received my Ph.D. from USC in 2007 in seismology, a MA in mathematics in 1995 or somewhere thereabouts, and a BS in physics and math in 1992. USC always seemed like a temporary place, but once you are here for a decade or two it starts to feel like home.

I am kept quite busy by my wife and two daughters, not to mention the three horses, two cats and two dogs. Chickens and goats are on the way. I enjoy paddling when I can, wish I went climbing more often and have not driven to work since November of 2000, cycling instead. Take that OPEC!

Briana and Henry, the 1300 pound engagement ring...

Lottie and Morgan in the snow.

Lottie and Thyme

And just in case, if sometime in the future you are visiting Doune Castle in Scotland, and you happened to find yourself into a small alcove off a large room and just didn't have a word to describe where you were, if it is on the tip of your tongue but you just can't quite remember...

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