FDSN Web Service Check

Check known FDSN web services.

FDSN web service specification.

This runs tests against FDSN web serices from within the browser. The means that we are making XMLHttpRequest from javascript that is loaded from our web server to the web server hosting the web service. If that server is not configured to allow queries from pages loaded from other sites, the request will fail. This is true even if the URL is accessible and working when directly entered into the browser. We believe that FDSN web services should in general be available in this manner. See the Wikipedia article and Mozilla and W3C for more information.

In the case of failures, it is often helpful to look at the javascript console as additional debugging information can appear there. In particular, CORS errors are logged to the console, but the javascript does not receive them. Tests stop on the first failure within each type. Green tests are passes, red tests are failure and yellow are just my opinion.

Warning, because the data the remote service has access to is not enocoded in these test, there is a reasonable chance of false postives and false negatives. Different browsers can also give different results, so it is worth checking multiple browsers and operating systems. These tests also represent my reading of the FDSN Web Service Specification, and hence reflect my biases. And there is always the chance of bugs in the javascript that runs the tests. Comments are welcome, you can email me (Philip Crotwell) at crotwell at seis.sc.edu.

Source code is at GitHub and uses seisplotjs

Click RUN to run tests on a data center, results will appear below. You can also run a single test against multiple data centers.

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